About Deseret Hive Supply.

Deseret hive supply was born when beekeepers Vic and Annessa Bachman, Nate Hall and Mike Bachman decided to open a beekeeping supply store where hobbyist could come and get equipment and information in a clean friendly atmosphere. As hobbyist beekeepers, we watched the decline of the honeybee and decided to do something about it. “We thought that if we made a place where people could come and learn more about the bees and the hobby of beekeeping then maybe just maybe we could make a difference.”

            Deseret hive supply is just that place. We pride ourselves in having a warm friendly atmosphere where your questions can be answered and your needs filled. Our friendly staff will gladly help you with any need you have. Whether your already a beekeeper or you are just looking into it we can help. We have a class room with classes ranging from beginner to advanced. Our harvest kitchen is available to any one who wants to extract their honey and doesn’t want to have to purchase the equipment themselves.  There is always someone willing to help you.

Thank you.

Vic Bachman
CEO, Deseret Hive Supply

Vic and Annessa Bachman

Nathan Hall