Got Bees? Learn how to become a beekeeper. Our experienced beekeepers are ready to share their knowledge with you. Our classes will increase your awareness and familiarity with beekeeping. If you can’t make it to one of our classes, you may find answers on our blog.
We would love to hear from you about your beekeeping experience. Feel free to send us a message or come visit our store. There is someone available to help you whenever you need it.
  • Sept. 5 – Thursday  6pm-8pm                                   Varroa Destructor Class – $10/person
  • Sept 7 – Saturday – 11am-12pm                           hornet/yellow jacket bait trap workshop 
  • Sept 12 – Thursday-6pm-8pm                                   Wax rendering class – $10/person 
  • Sept 14  – Saturday – 11am-1pm                          Harvesting Honey class – $10/person
  •  Sept 19 – Thursday – 6pm-8pm                               Wintering your Hive $10/person
  • Sept 21 – Saturday – 9am-4pm                                  Candy Board workshop – $ based on supplies used
  • Sept 28 – Saturday 11am-1pm                                     Varroa Destructor  $10/person
  • Oct 5 – Saturday – 9am-4pm                                    Candy Board workshop – $ based on supplies used
  • Oct 17 – Thursday- 11am-8pm                                     Candy Board workshop – $ based on supplies used
  • Weber Beekeeping Association  Every fourth Thursday @ 7pm @ Deseret Hive Supply unless otherwise noted.  Sept 26 Quilt board and candy board discussion.    Oct 24 Mead demo $FREE  
  • Top Bar Mentoring.  Every third Monday at noon.  Hands on.  Call for location, it will change each month.  $FREE   Sept 16 will be at 2828 North 400 East.

Check our website regularly for updates and the latest on beekeeping classes.

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