Got Bees? Learn how to become a beekeeper. Our experienced beekeepers are ready to share their knowledge with you. Our classes will increase your awareness and familiarity with beekeeping. If you can’t make it to one of our classes, you may find answers on our blog.
We would love to hear from you about your beekeeping experience. Feel free to send us a message or come visit our store. There is someone available to help you whenever you need it.

This is the first class to get the basic information on what is needed to become a beekeeper.      

  • First Year Beekeeping – $10
    This class will be more in-depth of the first year of beekeeping. Teaching you how to set up your hive to harvesting honey and everything in between, including inspecting your hive and what you should be looking for. This class teaches you how to successfully keep bees.


  • Bee Nutrition -$10
    We will discuss the importance of feeding your bees, when and why and how. This class is perfect for New and Seasoned Beekeepers.                                   
  • Candy Board Workshop
    Making 20# Candy Boards for winter back up food. Come to our shop, make the candy board, and pay for supplies. New, Refill. 
    All Day Event!
  • Advanced Beekeeping 
    (Splitting) – $10
    This class will mainly focus on the Spring management and swarming prevention. Attend this class if you have wintered a hive, so you can be prepared for early Spring.                                           
  • All About Swarms $10
    We will discuss how you can catch swarms, do cut outs and trap outs!               
  • Beehive 911 – $10

    There are so many things that can happen to your hive. Pests and diseases are your main concern. Come learn about how to look for and deal with specific pests and diseases.                                      

  • Varroa Destructor – $10
    Varroa Destructor the most devastating pest the honey bee has ever known. Without intervention varroa will kill your hive, it’s only a matter of time. Come and learn about this pest and how to save your hives.                                          Thursday July 21 @ 6PM
  • Plants and Pollinators $10
    This is a new class discussing pollinator friendly plants.
  • All About Honey
    This class talks about how the Honey Bee takes nectar and makes honey, and how you can harvest it.
  • Wintering Class $10
    Learn what you need to do to best prepare your hive to survive through winter.
  • Wax Rendering $10
    Learn how to collect, process and use bees wax. We will demonstrate the process of Wax Rendering, and will make Candles, and lipbalm etc.

Deseret Hive Supply has opened its classroom to host the Weber County Beekeeping Association meetings. The association is a separate operation from Deseret Hive Supply.

Weber County Beekeeping Association Meetings: Every fourth Thursday @ 7pm
@ Deseret Hive Supply unless otherwise noted. Meetings are March – October. Join the Facebook Group to watch LIVE.

  • Live Hive Inspection
      Hands on.  We will inspect a top bar hive.
    2828 N. 400 E. North Ogden $10
    Please wear a clean suit and gloves.   Thursday July 7 @ 6PM

Check our website regularly for updates and the latest on beekeeping classes.

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