Got Bees? Learn how to become a beekeeper. Our experienced beekeepers are ready to share their knowledge with you. Our classes will increase your awareness and familiarity with beekeeping. If you can’t make it to one of our classes, you may find answers on our blog.
We would love to hear from you about your beekeeping experience. Feel free to send us a message or come visit our store. There is someone available to help you whenever you need it.
  • April 2 – Thursday – 6pm-8pm
    First Year Beekeeping – $10/person
  • April 4 – Saturday – 11am- 1pm
    Feeding Your Hive -$10/person
  • April 11th – Saturday – 11am-1pm 
    First Year Beekeeping – $10/person
  • April 16- Thursday – 6pm-8pm
    Advanced Beekeeping
    (Splitting) – $10/person
  • April 25 – Saturday – 11am-1pm
    First Year Beekeeping Class – $10/person
  • April 30- Thursday- 6pm-8pm
    All About Swarms $10/person


  • May 2 – Saturday – 11am-1pm
    First Year Beekeeping – $10/person
  • May 7 –  Thursday – 6pm-1pm
    Feeding Your Hive – $10/person
  • May 9 -Saturday – 11am-1pm
    Advanced Beekeeping
    (Splitting) -$10/person
  • May 14 – Thursday – 6pm-8pm
    Beehive 911 – $10/person
  • May 16 – Saturday – 11am-1pm
    Varroa Destructor – $10/person

Deseret Hive Supply has opened its classroom to host the Weber County Beekeeping Association meetings. The association is a separate operation from Deseret Hive Supply.

Weber County Beekeeping Association Meetings: Every fourth Thursday @ 7pm
@ Deseret Hive Supply unless otherwise noted. Meetings are March – October. Join the Facebook Group to watch LIVE.

  • April 23rd – 6pm – 485 Canfield Drive Ogden. Live Hive inspection. Bring a clean suit and gloves.
  • May 28th – 6pm – Deseret Hive Supply
    Solitary Bees – Guest Speaker Kimball C.
  • Top Bar Mentoring  
    May 2nd, June 13th, August 8th.  Hands on. 
    2828 N. 400 E. North Ogden $FREE  
    Please bring a clean suit and gloves.

Check our website regularly for updates and the latest on beekeeping classes.

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