Bee Smart Plastic Bottom Board


Bee Smart Bottom Board

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Bee Smart Bottom Board:

• Removable/Reversible Mouse Guard
• Plugs for Reversible Mouse Guards/Entrance Reducers
• Embedded Mesh
• Inspection Board Support
• Molded in Soft White color Never needs painting
• Tough Technopolymer material; No BPA
• Slide out Inspection Board
• Self-Draining edge
• Security Screw holes for Ultimate Hive Stand
• Stainless Steel Mesh for Long Life
• Hive Strap notch
• Smooth Rounded Edges; NO Sharp Corners
• Security Pins for Hive Bodies
• Removable/Reversible Entrance Reducer
• Angle Self-Draining Landing Board
• Hive Strap Notch
• Hive Supports
• No-Slide Textured Landing Board

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 6 in


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