Copper Hive Cover



Our Copper Hive Cover is both beautiful and functional, designed with year round protection in mind for the beehive. Both a summer inner cover and a winter quilt board are included.


Copper Hive Cover- Winter or Quilted Inner Cover
Copper Hive Cover- Winter or Quilted Inner Cover for colder months

This is the winter inner cover.  Remove the copper cover from the hive and turn it upside down.  Fill the space with wood shavings or any similar material that will absorb moisture. Place the inner cover with the mesh on the wood shaving side and screw it in place.  There are pre drilled holes for this purpose.  This provides more insulation and absorbs excess moisture.






Copper Hive Cover Vented Inner Cover
Copper Hive Cover- Vented Inner Cover for warmer months 

Use this inner cover during the warmer months with the notch on the bottom.  This will line up with the entrance hole on the lid to give the bees an upper entrance, while the vented center helps to keep the bees cooler.


Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 21 × 8 in



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